Monday, 30 January 2017


Who are you?

Any answer?

I stumbled onto this great mystery while accessing the dark galaxy of abstractness, which I usually do. Could you believe that you do not know who you are! Surprised? Don’t be too quick to respond!

Wait! … and then answer the question: “Who are you?

Speak out your answer so that someone next to you can hear you. Let’s go again: “Who are you?

Your name? Oh no! You are not


Most often in life we are in search of something or someone. We want the best of everything whether friends, Job, life partners, we want everything to be perfect. So we spend days, months, and even years searching endlessly. If we happen to get less than what we have envisaged, we are quick to trash it.. We have a list of criteria that needs to be ticked off. We set standards

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

When She Says “No”!

This is for us guys. You know, we always tend to misunderstand this amazing creature called woman. True, they are pretty simply complex, but their hearts can’t be any more graceful.
Being in a relationship with a lady, pre- and post-wedding, can be a part- or full-time work. 

Depending on your partner, it can be sweet or bitter

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Follow Your Passion, Not Just Your Ability

If you are conversant with the style and lesson of write-ups in this blog, one of the things that would have stood out among so many is that stories are not told for just telling sake. Stories carry weights and are most times true. I try to relate real life experiences which would unravel one or more working principles

Monday, 9 January 2017


Once again, Happy New Year. There are no better times than now to start living your dreams. You can actualise your dream if you plan very well and do the necessary things that will make it come true. But firstly, you must know what you want and make some steps for it to bring it to reality. You will definitely encounter obstacles, but these bumps are normal and should be learned from