Thursday, 2 March 2017

Raising the Standard

This blog has had tremendous impact in the lives of many in the past few months. All we seek is transformation in a generation like ours that desire more of information than seeing their lives change. People want to hear every news that breaks in all nooks and crannies of this world, follow every fashion trend, get every information on how to get wealth
and so on, but wants to keep doing what they’ve always done expecting a different result.

Now this article is a call for all to do one thing- Raise your standard. If you don’t know what you should in any way or don’t have what you should, just raise your standard. This is not a call to do something different from what you’ve done per se. It’s a charge to do whatever you do right in a better and smarter way.

Now I bet you have once wondered why some people are more successful than others. You know some guys with much talents and gifts, workaholics and visionaries who seem not to have progressed beyond the last stage you met them?

Did I just hear you say lack of knowledge?

Well, I’ve seen people who seem to be very knowledgeable in their area but yet not gone far in life. Maybe a lecturer who has taught for years with his first degree or masters.
And you ask yourself, what would be the cause?

The answer may just be the personal standard he has set for himself. This simply implies the level or altitude he sees himself as qualified to attain, in his own eyes.

The level you are in life is the level you constantly see yourself operating at in your mind. If you hold a thought- negative or positive- so much, the tendency to believe it is high. The moment you start believing it, that mindset will reflect all over you in this material life. It will start affecting your personal ethics or attitudes too. In other words it will create itself in your physical world.

So you see why raising the standard is first a mind thing that implies you identifying the right things you do and do them more smartly and better. It has to do value you place on yourself.

If you see yourself as inferior to others, it will show in what you do. It will show in your conviction, your work ethics and attitudes. The truth is that no one is better than everyone and everyone is definitely better than someone. So don’t be satisfied with mediocrity, take a hard look at yourself and try to ascertain what your lifetime best ever lift could possibly be. Then go out and hunt it down.

Successful people in the world today are basically those who has learnt how to raise the standard in their mind and believe so much that there is definitely something good can come out of Nazareth years ago. They went to work, made connections and networks of friends, studied how to invest, sought for mentors, changed locations and friends to meet up to the requirement that will make them arrive at the mental picture they’ve painted about themselves. Non-successful people also did same. They thought themselves small, gave every excuse they can, blamed anyone they can and finally realized that all they did was to match up with the mental picture they have about themselves.

So, dear reader, it’s time to raise the standard in your mind- that mental picture you hold of yourself. If you don’t like where you currently are, then raise the standard. Think highly of you- that’s exactly what God has created you to do. You are not the most disadvantaged person one earth. Take a look around and see many persons worse off than you who are beyond you in life. Take a look at many kids born in families that you would reject a million times if you were asked to choose, doing as well as you or even better. Check around and see many individuals who envy your state and know that you are blessed.

It’s now time to do much more. Raise the roof higher. Think further than you can now. Climb the mountains and look as far as you can, as far as you can see belongs to you. They are really what you can achieve. It’s good to know that anything you can think off, you can do.

Thinking positively of yourself and raising your standard has a lot to do with your immediate environment. You have to remove people who discourage you. If you are discouraged in life, you really can’t do much.

Setting high standards help to raise your expectations and desire to succeed- the desire to reach your goal. You expect a lot from yourself which propels you to do better to succeed.

Successful people raise their standards in work ethics, commitment, focus, ambition, determination, aspiration, action, consistency, persistence, vision, courage, motivation, personal responsibility, humbleness, passion and integrity. These areas took them from where they were to where they wanted to be.

No ambition, no goal, no courage, no drive and no consistency are glaring qualities of people who set low standard for their lives. When you change for the better, your life will change for the better. When your raise your standard, you will see your standard of living change. Today is the day to raise the bar and raise your standard, so go ahead and raise it. 

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