Monday, 9 January 2017


Once again, Happy New Year. There are no better times than now to start living your dreams. You can actualise your dream if you plan very well and do the necessary things that will make it come true. But firstly, you must know what you want and make some steps for it to bring it to reality. You will definitely encounter obstacles, but these bumps are normal and should be learned from
as there is no free-lunch in attaining success. Obstacles are great avenues and opportunities to add new knowledge to your knowledge bank.
The steps below are required skills that can help you build and actualise your dreams.

What Exactly do you want
Knowing exactly what you want is the first step to making it happen. One way to make this happen is to write what fancies you down in a book or anywhere. If you are the type of person that loves writing and want to transform your passion into a real source of income or livelihood, then put it down and steps you wish to utilise to achieve that.
You want to write fictions/non-fictions, blog or what? Knowing exactly what you want is a symbol you really have a thing you want.

Let Your Dream Drive Your Passion
The story of Edwin C. Barnes, in the book, Think and Grow Rich, who desired to work with Thomas A. Edison and achieved it by the power of having a burning desire is a good example. Napoleon described desire as the starting point to all achievements. Having a desire is not enough but absolutely essential for success. A burning desire to achieve your dream boosts self-confidence and tell me, who does not need self-confidence to achieve greatness

Turn your desire into goals
You had earlier turned your dreams into a burning desire because you believe it is achievable. Turning that into a goal you need to believe you will be able to do it, this is based on your commitment to achieving it. Goals are time sensitive. So setting a desired time of accomplishment keeps you focused and serious on the task. You can as well break down your goals into smaller steps and set time to accomplish each of them.
You remember SMART GOALS? They have to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Have an action plan
This involves creating strategies to accomplish your goals. These strategies are your plan of action. There is no universal plan of action for everyone, each plan depends on the individual involved and the goal you have set for yourself to accomplish. Therefore, the plan to actualise your goal is in you and must be harvested deep down within you.

Take action

This is the crux of the whole matter. No matter how beautiful your dreams are, how burning your passion and how wonderful your plans, if you do not do anything, then nothing matters. You need to take action and utilise every opportunity that will come your way. Avoid excuses the best possible way and do not leave to do tomorrow what you could do today.
Leaving today’s task for tomorrow leaves you with more days to repent of and less days to repent in. Once you are set, make a move and start going. The rest will fall in line shortly.

Evaluate your progress regularly
Regularly check if you are making progress or still on track in achieving your goals, this helps you to know if you need to change your approach or actions, or you are required to put more effort to achieving your goals. That is why you needed to write the goals down. You will need discuss your goals with trusted friends and mentor. They will help keep you on track even at those odd moments your fines is all extinguishing.

Visualise success
Take some quiet time to always picture what your life will be like after achieving your goal. Imagine what your mind, home, relationships and thought will be like when you get what you have always wanted. This helps you to be motivated especially at time when you feel down that your goal may not come true. Visualising success makes it more attainable. After all, "success comes to those who are success conscious".

Maintain your confidence
Let your friends know what your plans are. Read books, watch videos, listen to audios and attend seminars that will remind you what you’ve resolved to do this year. Again and again, tell your mentor what you are into .The aim is to have that high confidence- very difficult to maintain when in isolation- which is an essential ingredients to achieving your dreams.

Learn from your failures
“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success". So always learn from mistakes. Your attitude matters here. If you will see failures as a great lesson and opportunity to try again, wiser, then you really are on the way to a great 2017.

Whatever your New Year resolution, these are great weapons to arm yourself with for a blissful 2017. Do not forget that there is no difference between this year and the past years on themselves. It’s just a great opportunity to start afresh. If there is any party to change for a happy and more successful you this New Year, it’s absolutely you.

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