Thursday, 10 November 2016


There is nothing more becoming of a wise man than to make choice of friends. On the choice of friends, one's good or evil name largely depends. When it comes to making friends, it is never about how many that you have. It is more about the kind of energy that they bring along with them. Let your friends be the friends of your deliberate choice.

An individual should be classified as
your friend when you feel a positive affection in their company. A choice of friends should depend on the motivation and inspirations acquired from these individuals. We meet people by chance each day as we go out on a daily: at work, school or in the pub but you becoming friends with them should be by choice and yours to make. friendship should not just happen, people often make that mistake of accepting anyone who they talk, smile, or make joke with as friends, thou it is a factor but should not be solely dependent on those especially if they don't by any means improve who you are or what you already have. 

A rare practise, but then people should develop a friendship guide or project where one can state clearly the criteria on how one intends to develop and promote sound friendship in life. One can use these plans to categorise those who you can call friends. Choose of friends who plan, and think like you or who bring in diversity in a positive way. They all may not have the same personality as you are, but then they largely share ideologies in common with you and are even better than you in some areas.

In times when you struggle to resist temptation, who do you run to? Friends of course.These nature of friends will also help boost your will-power when you seem to be running low on self-esteem. Befriending people with will-power could also be the secret to success as chosen the right friends may help you predict accurately where you will be in years to come, you can easily know where you will be headed, what you will be doing and can even predict what your income level will be. The people you move with have both direct and indirect impact and influence on your personal success.

Therefore, the choice of friends should be centred around those with similar value and a common goal- your purpose partners, you can push each other to achieve set goals. Friends should be those who can bring stability to your weakness as no one is perfect hence, having those who can comfortably compliment your shortcomings will be a massive boost. Individuals who can celebrate every achievements, accomplishments you attain should be your choice of friends, you have the power to change your friendship circumstances, you just have to think carefully about what you need to do, develop your friendship plan and then make the choice to fully implement it.

I've had great friends all through my life. They are the defence wall in times of trouble. They keep you moving when your entire system has given. I remember those many days in College when I was broke. Literally, the effect of studying with empty stomachs can be very devastating if not for those friends who would bring foods for me in the lodge. A friend, and not a school teacher, taught me Mathematics till I became very good at it. A friend, and not a paid mentor, saw me through the first stages of my business career. The fact is, we can not do without friends if we are to succeed.

I remember a classmate back in the secondary school. She does not talk to anyone: literally had no friends. In fact I cant quite remember talking to her for a whole five years we were together.  Few years later I met her again and she has not changed  bit. Not in her mindset of the need to start making friends consciously. Not in her financial income- she was still with her mum at home. Not to anything good. She later told me while we got talking that she has not come to see the need of having friends, very well convince that all humans are corrupt and should not be trusted- except her of course. 

Your case or that of your friends may not be that extreme as hers but many has not come to appreciate the need to consciously make friends that will elevate their status. Who is your friend? 

Take some time to evaluate your friends, do they meet the above criteria? Can you call any of them your purpose partner? Yes, then great! If not, then it's probably time to branch out and start establishing some new relationships and long-term success. Please choose wisely.

In the next article on friendship we look at the characteristics to watch out for when choosing friends.