Monday, 30 January 2017


Who are you?

Any answer?

I stumbled onto this great mystery while accessing the dark galaxy of abstractness, which I usually do. Could you believe that you do not know who you are! Surprised? Don’t be too quick to respond!

Wait! … and then answer the question: “Who are you?

Speak out your answer so that someone next to you can hear you. Let’s go again: “Who are you?

Your name? Oh no! You are not
your name. You were already conceived and born before you were called that name, so it’s not who you are. Besides, that is not the only name you have ever answered. You have answered to several nicknames, whispering and even sounds like vehicle horns or unexpected bangs. Name is out of it! NAME

Can we go again: “Who are you?

The question did not ask, “What are you?” So, stop giving answers like: I’m a child of God, a son of God, an image of God, a human being, a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, a male, a female, a rich man, a black man, a white man, bla bla bla. It simply asks: “Who are you?

Intriguing, or it still doesn’t make sense to you? If you still don’t get it, go through the text you have already read again. I call this, “The Problem of Identity: all humans are individually conscious of themselves, but cannot say in language, who they really are” We know whom we are within us, but somehow are unable to declare that real identity in human language.

Now, this may be interesting or stupid to you, however, there is an eternal truth -reality- it communicates, which is what I want to share with you by this article. And that is: the power of our minds over physical realities. Put in another way, the superiority of mind power over facts, known or established possibilities, language or diction.

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The greatest gift God gave the natural human is the mind. The mind is where our biggest strengths lie. It can turn a limbless Nick Vujicic into a world figure. It can turn once dullard Ben Carson into the world’s best-known neurosurgeon. It can turn an ineducable Myles Munroe into the greatest preacher of a nation. It can turn a college dropout Bill Gates into the richest man in the world. It can turn a prisoner Nelson Mandela into the most celebrated president in an entire continent. It can turn a sick and too little Lionel Messi into the greatest football player the world has ever known.

Show me what the mind cannot achieve and I will show you a nonexistent impossibility!
If you have read this article to this point, you just might have stumbled on your greatest master plan: for whatever can release to you your greatest nuclear plant can as well vest upon you authority over your world.

Languages of men can only describe a thing; it doesn’t create anything. This is the reason God calls things, which are not, as if they were (Romans 4: 17). Why? Because He has already created the things outside language, in His own mind. And so, they may not be apparent in the physical at the time, but that does not matter because they are already created and clear in the realm that matters.

The human reality operates in a similar fashion. Remember, ye are gods (Psalms 82:6; John 10:34). The humans are a similitude of the divine. The facts and physical appearances around us are not all about our possibilities in entirety. No! They only constitute very few of what can be. The majority of what we can achieve is locked-up in the dark galaxy of abstractness. Some call them ideas, imaginations, dreams, visions, thoughts, insights, cognizance, eureka, potentials, while others see them as fantasies, apparitions, de ja vu, myths, hallucinations or illusions. Haha! That is where our greatest strengths are, no matter what people choose to call them.

Our strengths lie in the power of our minds – our mind’s eye. Whatever we can see through the eyes of our mind is possible. It only requires time and the right protocols to be born into the physical. The mind is the domain for creation. Whatever we create in the mind only requires time and appropriate processes to happen in the physical. So, why the reluctance and pessimism! Pick-up your mind and start thinking! Dream! Imagine! Hallucinate! Fantasise! Whatever they call it! You’ve got nothing to lose, but all to gain doing that!

Go ahead and dream that dream that is in your head! Go ahead and fantasise that conglomerate you want to pilot! Go ahead and hallucinate that innovation you wish you would strike! Go ahead and imagine that mythical power you want to wield and salvage the sullied human society! Don’t stop!

Go ahead and create that future that seems impossible today! Think it until it bothers your reluctance and cowardice. Dream it until it kills your fears and faithlessness. Imagine it until you unleash your true self! You are in your mind, keep viewing yourself until you become that self.

Never mind detractors and their languages. Language is not the definition; it’s just the description. Diction is not the substance; it’s only the suggestion of view. The real you is who your mind can create! Don’t mind people’s diction. They’ll all change when they see the you you’ve created manifest. You are the creator, your mind is the creation domain, begin now to create your world!

Isn't this an amazing way to welcome you into the new year as I round off my happy New Year wish?
Finally Happy New Year! 

Contributed by:
Daniel C.E.O.

Inspirational Speaker and Communicator

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