Tuesday, 8 November 2016

American Presidential Seat…Who wins?

Finally, today na today. The people of America, the assumed greatest country in the world will be deciding who steers the affairs of the nation for the next four years. Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump and the vibration of this singular contest has reached the whole world.

Who wins is a matter of time. The other factors have been taken care of since the onset of their respective campaigns in June.
With several analysis, demo-polls and even prophecies all gone out in favour of both parties, now we know who has convinced Americans enough to win their votes.

America is a country with much interest in every country in the world, Nigeria inclusive. So you won’t wonder why who succeeds Obama at the White House concerns an average Nigerian. At least one thing is sure: his/her government policies will affect the naira/dollar relationship a great deal.

So, while my vote may not count in the American soil, I rent my voice to predict the winner after I’ve studied them both for the past few months.

  Trump vs Clinton on Moslems 

Moslems in American soil accounts for approximately 3.3 million (1%) cutting across all demographics by a recent research. Trump has said he would ban all Moslem immigrants from America would he assume the office. And the simple implication is that he won’t win the heart of the majority of the Moslems.

Blacks and Latinos

In one of his speeches, trump said “when Mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best… they are sending people with lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing crime. They are bringing rapists”. 

Referring to the blacks, Trump was quoted as saying, “laziness is a trait in blacks… it really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control”. These are just two out of the many scathing verbal attacks that he’s sent their way and you are sure he’s lost grounds in those groups right? After all who will be willing to vote in someone who tramples upon one’s identity?

Latinos and blacks are a combined 28.5% of the entire American population with 78% of Latinos not ever going to vote for him.

Views on Women

The general view that Trump does not like the female folks has been both instigated and aggravated by him in his speeches. That perception will certainly not help his course as 50.9% of the Americans. Well these may not be enough to convince you that Trump, with available data is not favoured to win the presidential seat. 

He is brave, no doubt. Successful in business, true. But in the end when it matters most, his nature has caught up with him. Clinton on the other hands is following the wave. She simply wants to get to the office not minding whose views need be supported. She simply supports any ideology that will gain him favour and vote and it seems they both just don’t agree on any single thing.

For example: 

 Hillary Clinton supports same sex marriage and abortion on demand. Donald Trump does not. 
 Clinton agrees on the increase of Federal Tax while Trump doesn’t.
 While Clinton approves Obamacare, Trump feels it should be repealed.
 Trump does not support the Iran Nuclear Deal but Clinton Okays it. 

The importance of these ideologies has made Clinton more appealing to the mass than Trump. And as America decides today, it may only take a matter of time before their choice for months is finally unveiled.

Calculate the percentages lost by Trump already, and your guess is as good as mine.

You can share your final prediction through the comment box.


  1. Hehehehehe at the end its shows some of this things dont really matter to Americans, I think they needed somone Tough, rough and rugged to match people like Putin of Russia and Assad of Syria etc, they dont want someone soft and who can be outsmarted by other world leaders. Well whether they voted rightly is left to me seen, we just have to wait and see. fingers crossed

  2. He finally won. President-elect Donald Trump. He truly defied all odds and speculations. like you said , all fingers crossed.