Saturday, 11 February 2017

Win Respect from People Even Without Money

Respect is a human virtue every individual want to experience and get from others daily. We all want to be respected because, among all things, it makes us feel important and give us a strong sense of belonging. So in the society, it seems that the rich
and those who are in the top echelon in the social ladder tend to receive respect from people by default.

And now you are not an Academic Professor in any field yet, not wealthy either, nor popular and outstanding in any area currently. Maybe as a simple staff in your company, a student or fresh graduate who is just beginning to find your feet in the society? You know you deserve respect as a human, but it doesn’t seem forthcoming. You seem to be despised by people because you are not yet where you want to be in life.

You feel there is something missing you need to know- and truly there is.  This piece is just for you. Here I will show you how to draw respect from people even when you are neither rich nor high-classed, yet, and how the true test of respect is measured when you just seem ordinary like the rest.

There are few things one has to do, consistently, and he will be respected everywhere one goes. Read and do not forget to comment on what other ways you feel are important but wasn’t covered.

Add Value

This seems to be the main issue; no matter what you do, if you do not add value to people around you, then you will not be respected on the long run. Add value to your team, colleagues, family and friends and to the company you work for.

Simply put: solve peoples’ problems. Whatever good thing it is you can do to bring genuine smile on the face of those around you, do not hesitate to do it. It may be something as small as listening to the person- many people have challenges that they want to air out, but never seems to have that one fellow who is interested enough to listen.

It may be to offer a piece of advice, or to share the knowledge you have or even to be the mouth piece of the oppressed. In all, you are helping alleviate someone’s challenge and offer a glimpse of hope to that fellow. You are also building a permanent resident in the person’s heart and that will be etched forever.

I use this approach a lot and it pays off. I say it again: add value to your neighbour and you will gain invaluable respect in return.

Be a Leader

Do you know one quality many people cherish but don’t think they possess? Leadership skills! People everywhere are looking for a set of individuals who will lead them- tell them what to do, when to do it and how to execute it, and above all shield the whole responsibilities, including risks. People are looking for leaders.

And because only few individuals are willing to put their life, career and reputation in the line for another, true leaders have become not just essential but endangered species.
Develop the leadership qualities in you. Read books, watch videos and listen to audios on leadership and practice what you learnt. Read the lives of great leaders in the past and be objective about choosing who to follow. And gradually that aura will rub off on you.

The moment people around you will start looking up to you- whether you occupy an official position or not- for answers and leadership, you will never again be despised.

Practice Discretion
Knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it is a very important but often neglected aspect of relationship. Knowing when to keep quiet and listen is a very great virtue.

Did you just say that’s your nature and you can’t help it? Far from temperaments dear; it doesn’t matter if you a sanguine or choleric, the point is that you need talk when you should. Like Boyka told the American in the movie, Undisputed, … people should talk because they have something to say’.

Hear this truth, ‘even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouth shut, they seem intelligent’ – Prov 17: 28. People are naturally drawn towards people that do not talk much. Even if you are a sanguine, a control is needed, even if it’s just at first sight. First impression matters so much.

Virtue always lies in the middle. Don’t overdo any: do not keep quiet when you should speak up- remember you have to live as a leader- neither should you talk when silence is required- you need appear wise.
The more wise you appear, the more respect you accrue to yourself.

Be Sincerely Compassionate
An act of kindness to someone, genuinely can make all the difference. You desire to be sympathised and empathised with? Every other person desires same too.
If there is any single rule that summarises all I’ve got to say in this section it is this: what you want and expect people to give to you, give it to them first and always. This is called the golden rule, and in deed it’s golden.
Practice it.

Look Good

Did your mind just went over to dress or clothes you put on? That’s just one out of many. Your hairdo should be neat, footwear polished, finger and foot nails well-trimmed, and body odour put under control with a good-smelling fragrance. The truth is that people first see and interacts with your appearance before they even have the chance to hear you speak.

Does it have to be expensive? Well, that depends on your purse. With what you have you can look the best. While I served my Nation under the NYSC scheme, I lived with a roommate who dressed so classy that you just can’t get your eyes off him at first glance. Yet, he wears just ordinary clothes like every other person.

So, dress as you would like to be addressed is as true and valid as life.

So you’ve gone through and have learnt how to earn respect, doing exactly what many people neglect doing, without having to pay a dime. I know for sure that I’ve used all of these rules and still do, and they work wonders every time.

I may not be liked by everyone - and that’s not the point- but I’m respected. And there is nothing far from solving peoples’ problems that I do.

I hope this article helped you.

If it does, kindly tell us how using the comment box below. If you also think there are other ways to earn respect, I’ll be glad to hear from you.

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  1. I can't agree less than what has been written.
    Respect is not imposed nor compelled.
    Well done Chudy, keep writing the truth.
    Proud of you

    1. Thank you So much dear.
      I'm glad you always take out time to read.

  2. Respect!!! One aspect of life knowledge cannot afford, bt character i think will... Kudos, good piece