Thursday, 2 February 2017

DANIEL C.E.O.:Overturning Your Frailties

“Every Limitation is an Invitation”
From the ashes of defeat burns the greatest fire of accomplishment 
Do you play computer games? If you have played Candy Crush or Contra, for example, you must have discovered that the game plans are in stages and sections.

However, to cross a stage or section to another higher one you will have to overcome a notable hurdle. The hurdle is the game’s invitation to you to a higher stage. Once you come to such difficult points in the games, instinctively
, you should know that a greater stage with more intrigues and excitements is about to be unlocked. Now, if you overcome the difficulty, you enter the next level and enjoy the game onward. Nevertheless, if you do not defeat the challenge, you will remain where you were and eventually give up playing on because of monotony, boredom and weariness.

Life treats us exactly the same way. Our greatness is tied to our frailties. If we overturn the frailties, we discover the greatness. The same things we are least proud of or are scared of are the things that carry our uplifting in life. Our ashes are our beauties, and our pains are our gains. That is the truth!

The greatest of men are those who have overcome their biggest frailties. Practically speaking: Dr Ben Carson of the United States of America is not the only neurosurgeon in America, let alone the whole world. In fact, many others have achieved greater feats than the separation of a Siamese twin. The question then should be, “Why Carson?” Why his story everywhere, even in high schools? Why is Dr Ben Carson known everywhere?

Well, the answer may interest you. It is because of his story. His story has made him more famous than his contemporaries. Yes, the difficulties he had to defeat to erupt. The barriers he had to break to emerge. The unlikeliness he stood against; the frailties he had to overturn. Those are the reasons he is most celebrated.

If you must become great, then you must overcome the hurdles that limit you. All men are born with their own challenges, weaknesses and demons that they have to fight. Until you defeat your own demons, you will not visit your destiny. Those challenges are your invitation to greatness. Hence, every limitation is an invitation. If you cross the bars, then welcome to destiny; but if you don’t, then you won’t play on.

True greatness is disguised in packages of pains. They represent frailties that we carry; the very reasons we can’t make it. Think of it: If humans could swim like the fishes, we probably wouldn’t have invented ships and boats to sail us through waters. If we could fly like the birds, who could have thought of the wonderful aircrafts we have today? If the colds of winters and rains of springs hadn’t dealt with the earliest human ancestors, we probably would be living in the bush like the apes and chimpanzees. Those natural challenges propelled human breakthrough. Of a truth, challenges are opportunities and barriers are breakthroughs in disguise.

Were you born poor? Were you born physically handicapped? Are you orphaned and helpless? Are you currently with bad habits like alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse? Are you having health challenges? Are you having learning impediments? Are you out of school because of money? Are you deserted by people who should have cared for you? Are you heart-broken by friends or a relationship?

Are you childless? Are you being maligned and maltreated in a foster home? What challenges are there facing you? Those are not reasons you should fail. You can’t give up on your good dreams because of them. Open your mind now and see the greatness laden in those challenges, and see why you must overturn them. See it! If you look with your mind, you’ll see it.

You can overturn those weaknesses today to become your glory tomorrow. You can overturn those sorrows and shames of today to become your shining tomorrow. Your mind is the “CONVERTER”. The mind that sees invitations in limitations is the mind that overturns frailties to greatness. You can develop your mind to work in this configuration.

So you have your challenges, right? Yeah. You would love to make great stories out of it. This is your time. This is your opportunity, Let you be the next mega-success story of grass to grace the world will read.


  1. Seems I was speaking to myself. I will always read this over and over and over and over again. Dreams must become Destiny.

  2. The meaning is deep and practical. Truly inspiring.