Sunday, 4 December 2016

Things Successful People Enjoy Secretly

The Quote: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”- Winston Churchill

Have you seen any individual who seriously works towards being unsuccessful? Well, I’m yet to even see a sane person who wishes himself so. We all have the reasons why we desire to be successful-whether we
work towards those goals or not- ranging from personal, social status or financial. All are good and wonderful. But there are secret things the successful people do enjoy that we don’t really observe.
These are the very reasons why they do every possible thing to stay successful. And trust me, they won’t tell you these because they probably think that such doesn’t matter to you.

Feel Happy and fulfilled.
After all we all come to this world but once. Anything you are to do in this life should in the least bring happiness and fulfilment. Maximising your potential and talents should be your ultimate goal.
One of the major mark of a truly successful individual is the feel of being fulfilled. The successful are satisfied to achieve what many only but dream.

They face less competition.
The higher you go in your line of business, the fewer people you meet who are qualified at that level. That number alone signifies fewer competitions. According to a great friend and mentor, in describing this phenomena said ‘the sky is sparsely populated, and there are no obstacles and hindrances. Therefore, residents there easily know and sight each other.
Nonetheless, there are competitions and very serious ones for that matter, but they are fewer persons who are able to stage such a fight.

More success.
Have you ever heard this statement: the rich get richer while the poor gets poorer? Well that’s as true in reality. The rich always seem to find a way to navigate through hard times- economic, political and what have you- and stay on top. Not in the sense that they are not affected, but that at the end of the day, they acquire more success.

The current recession in Nigeria, for example has set all and sundry running helter-skelter. In this same period, one of my mentors, lost billions of Naira. But then, he’s still rich.  
It takes time to build a business or become successful in any area of your life. But once announced, it only brings more success. The hardest part in life is to climb the success ladder. That's what Jesus Christ meant when He said that 'a city built on a hill cannot be hidden'. Success sets you on the hill and you are always one of the first to be considered for any job in your area.

Attracts Respect.
This is quite obvious. We've all discovered that the society accrues more respect to a person who's renowned for something than a nonentity.
We all want to be respected. True. We truly deserve that too. But then, we most desire the respect we do not deserve. And that’s where the problems lie. When people say, ‘do you know me?’ as a way to show off, just calm down. He’s probably not successful. Successful people do not demand for respect: it comes as a by-product of being successful.
Attracts Wealth
Success paves way, either in the short run or long run, for wealth. The most basic reason why we work hard on our job is to fill the stomach. Nothing trumps that fact.
The more successful you are, the better the platform you have to create more abundant wealth. In fact, I can strongly say that no one is completely successful who does not have sufficient wealth to take care of him and his family, and enough left to help neighbours.

What do you have in your hands as a gift? Start today to develop the talents you have. At the beginning stage, it may not bring in the money massively, but your income grows as you become better at using them.

Connection with the successful.
Birds of a feather flock together, is a reality that have stood for ages. The more established in your field you become, the more established individuals both within and outside of your line of business you become. And there is nothing knowing the right people cannot do for you. For the sake added values, successful individuals tend to work with people with the same mindset.
I know you want to succeed. Congratulations, every sane individual want it. But you may now wonder where to start. Start from what you have in your hands. You will be glad you did.