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8 Perfect Businesses to Do this Christmas Season

Christmas is here again with lots of fun and excitement. This is the part of the year with high significance to Christians: it reminds them of the virgin birth of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus, who’s also called the Christ, over 2000 years ago. Non-Christians hold this period in high regards too… it’s a great holiday in the middle of the best season- harmattan or winter.

With lots of celebrations
-birthdays, weddings and so on- Christmas season is always a time when many people spend much more than they actually earn. We spend on our family and friends, on clothing and on many other material things that almost always leave many broke at the turn of the New Year. In fact I’ve seen people who are scared during Christmas period due to the high expected expenditure.

This year celebration, however, should be different for you on the income level. Whether you are a business man or not, there is a need to learn how to put extra income into your purse this great period. Leveraging on this opportunity may turn this Christmas into the best you’ve ever had so far. Some of these business ideas does not require much capital to start up, with some requiring as low as NGN 5,000.
Below are ten business ideas that will generate cash for you this Christmas period especially if you are in Nigeria.

Hair Dressing/make-up
The nature of Christmas period and the celebrations means that several ladies- and some guys- will put on a new hair look. This is an opportunity for you if you know how to make any style- or weave too. Prepare yourself to leverage that skill. Tell your friends and families what you will offer and offer a cut if they bring more persons for you.
The same if you know how to make-up. These are things you probably have done for free prior. This time offer the same service for a pay. Yo may not charge the same amount as the those who do it for a living. But if you truly know the skill, then do your best to see that it fetches you money.

Hair Cutting
Similar to the point above and for the same reasons, there will be more demand for this service than ever in the upcoming weeks. Use this skill if you have it and put extra cool cash into your pocket.

Clothing Line
You know how to sow beautiful clothes- for male, female or kids- then this is your season. Many people want to look especially good every Christmas period. If you don’t know how to sow you can buy clothes on wholesale to sale on retail, especially children’s and ladies’ clothes.

While we were growing up as little kids, it was customary for our parents to buy clothes or sow one for each member of the family. In fact this is most times integrated in to the family budged in many Nigerian families. After all, no parents would want the kids to look poor, no matter the financial status of the said parents.

With much festivals and events, many people would want to take a snapshot, somehow. In fact if no other group really wants to, ladies will. I know because I once used this method to generate some cash during.

We are in a digital world when phones are having strong cameras and people are growing to take selfies yet the place of original cameras seems yet to be disputed strongly.
Offer to cover events with your camera or even attend the event and take pictures of people for a pay. People will be willing to patronise you especially if its wait-and-take too.

Catering Services
If you can bake cake, chin-chin, buns, or cook different delicacies well, then this is another opportunity to make money. There is no event in Nigerian where food is not served- especially Local meals- even burial ceremonies. Cakes will be needed for birthdays and weddings.

If you know how to make suya or any meat delicacy then you are in too for money. No event occurs without meat in this country. So sharpen your knives and prepare to celebrate this Christmas from event to event.

Shoe Business
Just like the clothing business, many people will add new pairs of footwear to there   cabinet. Especially the children and lady sector, again, you will definitely make sales.

Food, meat, drink and you have served an average Nigerian well. Nigerians do not joke with drinks in general and this season is a period when many men, especially, drink to stupor- staying till late in the midnight at bars only to do that the next day.
While this involves capital to start up, yet it is a sure way to make income. Contact dealers of the brand you desire to sell, buy in bulk and retail. I used this approach many years ago and I didn’t regret it a dime.

Sell of Water
The season that Christmas fell into in Nigeria, Harmattan, is a period characterised with much sun and dryness. It follows that people easily become thirsty and will want to drink. If you sell sachet water, you will make some cash.

Think that during the Christmas period, many people leave the city for their respective villages. These people wouldn’t drink from the village stream and that’s the reason you are in business…to solve peoples’ problems. Make use of that opportunity and make money.
Well these great ideas will not benefit you if you do not make use of that. And don’t forget to thank me later when your smile and joy knows no bound by the after the celebration. While still observe the birth of Christ in good faith, taking a positive advantage of the amazing business opportunities it presents, will make the ceremony all worth it.

Truth be told, depending on your personal circumstances, you may not be able to get all things and start on yourself this short period. for instance, if you make peoples’ hair, looking for a shop will be a daunting task. Paying for it is on its own not the best business strategy. What do you do then? Merge with someone who already has a shop. Agree with the person on a favourable term and that’s it.

And if you feel like not to attach yourself or if you don’t have the necessary skills, or even fund, that’s alright. Do not worry. You can be a stand-in-between. Refer people to people and places where they will meet their needs and agree for a commission as a compensation for referrals.

This is not all the business idea there is for Christmas season. Several other business ideas are out there which are suitable for the short Christmas period. people exploit these options yearly. Why not join the trend? Why not belong to the class of Nigerians who celebrate Christmas without worry of having to start all over from square one after the New year celebration?

The ball is in your court. Make use of your time well. as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I wish you a joyful celebration. Kindly share other great ideas on how to make money this Christmas in the comment box.

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