Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas: That Season In The Year

On this special day you deserve nothing but the most special. As you dine and whine, as you enjoy the day not minding the odds, I put up this special Happy Christmas poem just for you. Yes, it's special because the site has not had
much works on this format earlier. Enjoy to the fullest.

The sun did burn hard,
The rains and winds on our back,
The year was full of tears,
And then come the Cheers,
A season of joy for all.

It counts not whether big or small,
With all enthusiasm we all prepare,
Christmas once again is here,
Laughter and fun,
For this moment our hurt is gone.

Love is in the air,
In beautiful colours red, 
Mother, child and children
Glad tidings for every kindred,
The warmth of God's love glow,

Forever bright through heat and snow.
With each chime of the bells,
And Carols in the air,
With each passing breath,
We inhale Christmas.

Happy Christmas. Share to your family, friends and loved ones.

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