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Training Kids-Why The So Much Focus On The Female Child?

The Quote: Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he grows up, he will not depart from it.
They say "when you educate a man, you educate an individual; when you educate a woman, you educate a nation." You’ve heard that too right?  But then, is that really so, absolutely? Well, many consider it so. However,
when a man is well trained morally, he becomes a transformation agent, not just to his generation, but generations after him. In other words then, when you train a man, you train an entire race. Mind blowing when a nation and an entire race are trained well, right?

We live in a society where women are lashed for virtually everything negative; prostitution for one, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, raising corrupt and ill - mannered kids, and the rest you know. And what the society considered for the general good, in the end has compounded the men's general gross moral irresponsibility. And you know what this action on women and its consequential effects on men looks like? Treating malaria, but leaving out the female Anopheles mosquito, and the Plasmodia she carries.

Prostitution is on the increase today, not just because there are more irresponsible girls on the streets, but because the market (men) is on the increase by the day. As a successful businessman, never had I seen a supply without demand all through my business life. Simply put, it is the men that encourage prostitution. For example:
It is the men who ask for sex in payment for a requested favour. Would a lady intentionally demand to offer one her body when the one had not demanded it at all? Absolutely! I’ve experience that in particular. But then the more general is to give away their price jewel in order to get something from the men, after the man had requested for it. The idea is to give what you have to get what you want.

Under-payment of staff has had many negative effects in the society. It’s not a welcome development for both male and female staff. Today though, our attention is on its repercussion of the women we so much cherish and love. Imagine when a 'lady' earns per night/week, ‘working for and by herself’, an average of what she earns working for a company for a month? Just imagine. Why suffer yourself when there is something more lucrative?

Remember that our daughters now sag their trousers; they learnt it from the male. They were torn clothes in the name of fashion; they learnt it too. Of course, twerking is the latest dance step- virtually to any beat- it sales. The male, the target market, likes it.

There's this widespread belief that the female child is naturally more mentally mature than the male. Some even say "a 15 year old girl is more mature than a 25 year old man". Lols -I’m sure you understand this new grammar . As funny as that sounds, many hold that belief with firm grip. I've observed too, a well-trained boy is even more mentally mature than a girl of same age. The challenge is that the male child doesn't get as much training as the female child does.

At a very tender age, the female child is taught:
how to cook and tidy the dishes- Hard-work
how to keep the house clean and laundry-Diligence
how to cook, serve her siblings, and care for them- Selfless Service
how to walk responsibly, and sit with a legs-closed - Consciousness.
ultimately, how to be a good wife and mother, and how to stay married, notwithstanding.

In general she is taught how to respond to their ability- Responsibility. And that discipline and training is very essential to the peace and serenity of the family and society. But the male Child does not receive this kind of training. The society expects him to learn by intuition.

These and more are the very reasons why there are:
  • Very few female thieves and armed robbers.
  • Insignificant number of female kidnappers.
  • I've never seen a woman apprehended for Internet scam.
  • Very few female politicians are corrupt. Even the corrupt ones learnt from their male counterparts.
  • They are the most loved of the parents
Well, that is a rough non-documented stats. But we are in this world and know how true that data just is. 

The Question: Why ain't we teaching the male child how to cook and tidy the dishes? Wouldn't it worth the hassle if our male child learns today how to take responsibility and care for his siblings? This is the same child that is expected to take responsibility for the nation or company tomorrow. Shouldn't we teach the male child how to dress, walk, talk, and treat men and women? Or how to be patient and humble in pursuit of wealth. or even how to be a good husband, and great father?

A proper education in these areas would:
  • Reduce robbery and kidnapping
  • Reduce corruption in the society
  • Reduce the prevalent 'get rich quick' syndrome.
  • Reduce rape cases, prostitution, and abortions.
  • Foster marriage and family success.

Growing up as a boy, I heard several persons of family and friends say to me that my reasoning and behaviour is beyond my age. Not long ago, my friend and College room mate, Chidike jokingly said he thinks I'm an old man that was reincarnated. Precious words like "you behave older than your age and act like a married man" are almost becoming natural to my hearing.  I'll never forget a great friend, Ruth’s expression after I served her with the moi-moi (African bean cake ) I made in my hostel room as a sophomore. 

Yea! My story is simple; I'm the eldest in a family of four-all males. So, apparently, I got the training the female child should have got. I was trained. Most probably, I may not have become who I am today if I had a sister, because my mom would most probably have spent more time bringing her up. That's the painful truth!

In conclusion, don't give in to the belief the female child requires tougher and stricter child training than the male child requires. Give both equal training! This belief is responsible for Africa's present woes. If every African man got half the training the women received growing up, we'd definitely be in a much better situation in terms of human capacity development, security, and social infrastructure. Let's help save the Society! Let's help save Africa!

Written by: Chukwuamaka David Chidire 
This write-up also appeared on David’s Facebook page. 

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